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Worldwide, we’ve seen an unprecedented decline in the well-being of people, from addiction and depression to anxiety and burnout. And with workplaces still in flux, massive uncertainty, and high-speed change, there seems to be no relief. 

 So right now, more than ever, teams, employees, and entire organizations are hungry for a new way to work, lead, and live. A way that connects, heals, awakens, and allows people to become more empowered, engaged, and energized. 

This is the call of the Connection Era, and great leaders are answering it by embracing new ways to scale connection from the C-suite to the manufacturing floor. This transformation into Connection Inc. results in innovative companies that retain talent, build empowering cultures, outperform the market, and encourage people to rediscover their truest self.
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For over two decades having worked with Fortune 1000 leaders as an accomplished psychotherapist, executive coach, and leadership consultant, Karen knows one thing for sure...

People need, crave, and desire Connection. A Connection that we find in low supply today. So right now, more than ever, teams, employees, and entire organizations are hungry to Connect.

And for the leaders who deliver in this moment, they are pioneering a new movement, where the most Connected Leaders and companies outpace the market in every key metric of performance.  This is the new leadership paradigm of the Connection Era.

But where do you start? How do you connect leaders and teams in these busy and hectic times? 
  • Provide The Support Your People Need: Most companies focus coaching and support programing on disseminating information. In the Connection Era, a compelling body of research shows that information-based coaching and support programs are far less effective and sustainable than transformation-based approaches.
  • Provide Support That Meets People Where They Are: Research shows that people are tired of cookie-cutter, cumbersome, and overly complex coaching and support programming. In the Connection Era, we see an over 337% improvement in engagement when support programming is concise, micro-learning based, and infused with entertaining and easy to consume transformational media. .
  • Provide Support to Everyone Everywhere: Traditional coaching and support programs skew heavily toward more senior-level executives. In the Connection Era, companies outperform the market across most business metrics when they provide transformational programming across the entire organization, and not just at the highest levels.

Empower, Engage & Energize with an Inspirational MEDIA Toolkit for leader, team, and organizational well-being. 

Fully Customizable Program Including:
  • Pre-Recorded High Impact Audio Sessions (all under 5-minutes):  receive bite-sized and digestible leadership lessons, values, and inspiration with Karen's Thera-Coaching™ Audio Pop downloads. Listen anywhere, anytime. 
  • ​Customized Leadership & Organization Media: make the program yours by creating custom audio sessions with Karen that align with organizational values, goals and leadership philosophies. 
  • ​Self-Paced Workbooks: get even more inspiration and enriched learning with self-reflection prompts found in Connection Reflection™ workbooks: learn how to apply learnings and make the changes necessary to live and lead from one’s best and truest self.
  • Coaching Guides:  help managers and leaders drive application with one-page Thera-Coaching™ guides to reinforce concepts and facilitate inspirational discussions with teams to fortify growth and positive change.
  • Connection Reflection +: go further faster with custom assessments, one-on-one coaching options, Enneagram workshops, CR Certified Ambassador and Facilitator programs all customized for deep integration around company initiatives, culture, and goals.

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Empathy Audio Demo

John Johnson

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John Johnson

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When leaders courageously connect, a whole new world of performance, leadership and fulfillment are unlocked. 

Karen is an accomplished psychotherapist, executive coach, leadership consultant, courageous mom, and wife. She believes in the power of connection and helps growth-minded leaders and their teams to grow, discover, and become whole human beings leading others.

"Some simple quote from Karen on leadership. 1-2 sentences max.

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Empathy Audio Demo

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Barri Rafferty

In a year where stressors are elevated and so many are working from home while juggling roles, leaders need to focus on their own well-being and provide added support and empathy for their teams.  These inspirational reflections provide hope and a short reprieve to regroup and re-center and help leaders show up more caring for their employees.

Executive Vice President, Head of Communications
Wells Fargo

Jay Wolverton

Karen’s “Connection Reflections” not only demystify those leadership concepts often difficult to grasp but also help to hold up the mirror to one’s own behavior. Even more important, her call to action leaves the listener no choice but to “do” rather than simply “absorb.”

Executive Vice President, Chief Growth Officer

Karen Beavor

Connection Reflection is a gift that leaders can give themselves and their team.  Through short sessions and reflective pauses, leaders can gain new insights and self-discovery that are like "power shots" for leadership growth across the organization.  They are a great way to focus purposefully on creating a growth mindset, help teams connect more intentionally on how they want to lead, and provide leaders in the organization with the tools they need.

President & CEO, Georgia Center for Nonprofits 

Scott Murphy

Karen J Hardwick’s micro-learning on empathy, the superpower, could not be more relevant. Empathy is a huge piece of being an inspired and connected leader, which is more important now, than ever. As important, “bite-sized,” inspirational learning is exactly where things are headed in the talent and leadership development space. These are relevant, customizable, easily consumed and immediately actionable.  I’d highly recommend integrating Karen’s “connection reflections” into your leadership team’s development cadence.

SVP, Strategic Leadership Development
Boys and Girls Club of America


Why the Connection Reflection™ Program?
As a clinically and spiritually trained executive coach and leadership consultant, Karen is uniquely qualified to create a necessary bridge between emotional and mental well-being AND business performance. Her approach is solidly grounded in knowing how to enhance relational, emotional, and spiritual wholeness so your people move forward and soar with grit, resilience, hope, courage, and empathy.
What is our investment?
We work with each client organization to design the Connection Reflection ™ program that works best for them. As a result the investment is based on what is included & how many employees participate. It is typically a per employee investment designed to be cost-effective with a high ROI. It is an incredibly priceless way to give all employees the life-and-work-changing wisdom and practical tips that Karen is usually retained to only share with senior executives.
Why is this different?
Practical transformative wisdom is delivered in short meaningful bursts that are meaningful and that allow leaders to consume it, reflect on it, and apply it anytime, anywhere. It allows all employees to benefit in a sustainable, ongoing way. It is not a one-and-done training. It creates a groundswell of inspiration and growth.
What employees should participate?
All employees at all levels should participate. In this way,, the organization benefits from scale, cohesion, and a unified learning experience. This is how change happens.
How often is the inspiration audio distributed?
It can be distributed to participating employees weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.
What concepts are taught?
We work with our clients to lay out a schedule of concepts that will be taught. The concepts enhance connection, engagement, empowerment, and well-being; they are also recognized for enhancing business metrics. We can also customize the content to align to an organization’s cultural values.
What are micro-learnings?
Microlearnings - small bite sized trainings and development initiatives - are effective because they allow quick, powerful learning to take place in ways that are efficient, effective, and energizing.
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